AVP Sustainability


15 - 17 Years   Mumbai Suburbs

Full TimeMarketing Analyst

Job Description

The Head of Sustainability will be responsible for ensuring that the organisation sets as well as meets its environmental goals by making sure one abides by the environmental policies. The candidate will be required to work in close quarters with managers, employees, customers and shareholders to address the organizations approach to environmental responsibility.

The Sustainability officer must posess the following skills to succeed in the given role:

 Strong organizational and project management skills

 Good Communication skills

 Ability to work well in a team and inspire people

 Rational and strategic thinking

 Decision Making skills

 Interest in environment and communities

Job Description :

  • Shape the Sustainability strategy for FGII
  • Adopt policies and best practices from the group and localize the same for FGII 
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing ESG compliance and drive the organization towards achieving them
  • Work in close quarters with multiple stakeholders
  • Help project the organization focus on Sustainability internally and externally

Qualification - Masters 

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