Assistant Managing Editor


2 - 4 Years   Delhi

RemoteDevelopment Editor / Managing Editor

Job Description

1. Uphold ethical and quality standards by following the relevant manuscript submission

guidelines (MSGs), Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and Equator Network

guidelines, where applicable and appropriate.

2. Ensure that all submitted manuscript files are in proper order.

3. Conduct preliminary evaluations of manuscripts and recommend and process further

action in terms of whether the manuscript needs to be unsubmitted (request authors

for clarification) or can proceed for peer-review.

4. Select and invite suitable peer-reviewers for individual manuscripts until at least the

manuscript receives sufficient good enough reviews (usually 2) in order to

recommend/make a decision. Reviewer suitability is to be assessed by considering all

potential conflict(s) of interest(s).

5. Request assistance, when appropriate, to ensure that manuscripts are processed

through the peer-review management system adhering to the workflow timelines.

6. Evaluate the peer-review reports received and make recommendations/decisions on

manuscripts based on peer-review reports and editorial review (accept, minor revise,

major revise, reject).

7. Maintain positive work relationships and high-quality and prompt (usually within 24

hours except weekends and holidays) communication with fellow journal editors,

authors, reviewers, and SAGE staff worldwide.

8. Respond to journal mailbox queries, when assigned, from journal editors, authors,

reviewers, and SAGE staff.

9. Perform the assigned work with little-to-no supervision from the Managing Editor or

other supervisors in SAGE India/UK/US.

10. Be flexible enough to attend video/audio conferences with US and UK colleagues after

the usual office-hours.

11. Demonstrate eagerness to develop editorial knowledge and proficiency.

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