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2 - 4 Years   Gurgaon

Full TimeCopy Editor / Proof Reader / Editor

Job Description

Job Description: 

Copy Editors will ensure that all company curriculum materials are consistent and

grammatically and factually correct. Texts will include lesson plans, student

materials, assessments, approach and overview documents and digital texts.


Duties will include the following:

a) Editing and correcting all created content to remove errors, improve language flow,

and increase clarity and readability for the intended audience (i.e., students,

teachers, parents), specifically:

 Correcting errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax;

 Ensuring that materials are consistent with the company style guide;

 Checking content for readability and grade appropriateness. 

b) Ensuring that texts are factually correct and that concepts are expressed in a

logical, sequential manner, specifically:

 Correcting factual inaccuracies after consultation with the authoring team;

 Verifying facts, dates and statistics, using relevant reference sources;

 Ensuring that illustrations and graphics are accurate and consistent with the

written text;

 Checking that numbering and mark allocations are consistent in and across


 Identifying bias and ensuring that texts are sensitive to cultural, ethnic and

religious differences;

 Eradicating gender bias;

 Rewriting parts of texts, as necessary, after consultation with the writing team.

c) Guiding and giving feedback to authors on how to improve their written output.

d) Ensuring that high editorial standards are maintained within the stipulated time


Required Skills & Competencies:

 Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines

 Excellent command of standard written English and writing conventions

 Ability to make decisions and accept responsibility for the accuracy of materials

 Keen eye for detail and the ability to correct errors in style, grammar and spelling

 Flair for writing and the ability to rewrite texts to ensure consistency and clarity

 Good general knowledge and the ability to spot factual inconsistencies and errors

 Imagination, creativity and good visual sense

 Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills including the ability to give clear and

diplomatic feedback

 Understanding of the target audience (students at various grades, teachers and


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