7 - 10 Years   Raipur

Full TimeContent Head / Subject Lead

Job Description

Basic Function:

The Dean of the department serves as its chief academic and administrative officer and is directly responsible to the

Management for Academic Affairs in Advertising Department. The Dean has specific responsibility for planning

and development of college Advertising curriculum, policies and procedures to meet the current and long-range

needs of the faculty and student body and to fit into the total objectives of the Academia. He or she is responsible for

the interpretation and implementation of the academic regulations of the college.

Qualifications:  (including but not limited to):

 Seven years of full-time teaching experience in advertising at a Collage/university with some graduate teaching


 Doctorate appropriate for the Academics or at least masters in advertising

 Record of teaching, professional development/scholarly work, and service to warrant faculty rank of Professor

 Understanding of appropriate accreditation, preferably having national review experience

 Administrative experience in higher education

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Determines the activities required to achieve the goals of the college and assigns responsibility and authority to

perform these activities according to an established sequence or schedule; establishes criteria and procedures to

assure that the college and its members are fulfilling assigned responsibilities in a manner within accepted policies

of the university.

2. Provides leadership and promotes competence within the faculty of the college; creates conditions conducive to

the improvement of instruction and scholarly research; develops and utilizes a communications system to assure

intra-college information exchange; harmonizes conflicting demands, standards and overlapping of functions arising

in the administration of academic departments or divisions.

3. Coordinates programs and courses offered and makes innovations to policy and regulation in consultation with the

curriculum committees and academic departments and divisions of the college in order to maintain the currency of

the college and its ability to meet change in the needs of students and of society; institutes periodic studies of the

curriculum in relations to the college objectives stated in the plan prepared by the Standing Council for Academic

Planning; initiates programs for the improvement of the curriculum in the areas of general and advanced education

including the common curriculum of the university and the university honors program, and promotes innovative

programs of instruction and study.

4. Updates that portion of the University Bulletin pertaining to the college. Reviews and takes action upon the

admission, dismissal, and academic standing of students; certifies candidates for degrees; provides for and

participates in academic counseling and direction of students and decisions in instances of departures from the

academic norms of the college; obtains from appropriate sources within the university and keeps on file such records

as are necessary to perform the functions of the Dean's Office.

5. Acts as liaison and sponsor for student organizations in the college and/or delegates such responsibilities to

qualified faculty members.

6. Prepares and administers the budget for the college including faculty salaries, staff salaries, and all instructional

and operational expenses; coordinates and oversees operational budgets of academic departments and divisions;

negotiates salary adjustments in collaboration with SORC, and makes recommendations about salaries to the

Management for Academic Affairs.

7. Ensures the operational welfare of the college, including scheduling of classes, supervision of staff and general

office functions; interviews and selects individuals for staff position in cooperation with the university personnel


8. Coordinates cooperative programs which the college enters into with other colleges and/or departments,

educational institutions, government agencies, or private industry.

9. Represents the college in professional associations, accrediting agencies, government bodies, foundations, and

the business community; sponsors faculty participation with various local professional organizations.

Salary Range between Rs. 7,20,000/- to 8,40,000/- per annum

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