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French Teacher

Location: Indore Gwalior I Bhopal I Bhatinda I Patiala I Palam Vihar




Subject teachers are responsible for maximizing the academic progress of the students they teach, working with colleagues to participate fully in the development of the department. Subject teachers promote a positive, purposeful and professional working atmosphere that encourages co-operation and challenge, whilst valuing the contribution that individuals make to the success of the Department.



Job Responsibilities of a French Teacher


1. The major responsibility that a French teacher is required to undertake is the responsibility of providing appropriate instructions to the students that will help them to attain competency in the French language as per their grade level

2. She holds the responsibility of teaching various tiers of the French language such as French tier I, French tier II, French tier III, and French tier IV.

3. When teaching the students belonging to the first-grade level, She is needed to inculcate motivational, academic, cultural, and societal skilfulness in them

4. She is required to organize the teaching sessions in the French so that the students become well acquainted with the French language

5. She is expected to assign some educational tasks and projects to the students that will assist the students to get a hang of the language. She is also required to attend the oral presentations given by the students and provide appropriate feedback on the same. She makes sure that the students complete their assignments and projects within the time frame given by her

6. She looks after the overall organization of the examinations and class tests that are conducted for the students. She is needed to set up and manage the examinations and ensure that they are conducted in an ideal manner. She also holds the responsibility of making arrangements for the examinations and makes sure that the students are provided with every facility needed during that time

7. After the examinations are over, she is required to perform another task of correcting the test papers and answer sheets of the students in an accurate manner. She may even require to double check the test papers and make sure that the marks allotted for each student are genuine and appropriate. She is needed to correct the answer papers keeping in view the regulations and policies set up by the management committee of the school or educational institution

8. She is even expected to monitor the examination results of the students and make an entry of the marks allotted for individual subjects including the total marks and final percentage allotted to the students. She may make the entry of marks for each individual student in the master register or software designed by the institution.


Qualification Required


1. French teachers must demonstrate a fluency in the French language and a proficiency for teaching. 

2. Those planning to teach in a traditional setting must have a bachelor's degree either in education or French and satisfy all teaching certification requirements.

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