Head of Western Music


7 - 10 Years   Raipur

Curriculum Developer

Job Description

The Head of western Music is responsible for improving the quality of the online learning and teaching of Music

throughout the Academy. The post holder will be responsible for managing all activities relating to the Music

specialism. The duties will be reviewed annually as part of the Performance Management Review. Curriculum

Qualifications:  Seven years of full-time teaching experience in Western Music at a Collage/university with some

graduate teaching experience.

 Must carry Minimum 6 years of Industry exposure

 Doctorate appropriate for the Academics or at least masters in Western Music

 Record of teaching, professional development/scholarly work, and service to warrant faculty rank of Professor

 Understanding of appropriate accreditation, preferably having national review experience

 Administrative experience in higher education

The Head of western Music will be required to:

1. Raise standards of attainment at every key stage in western Music.

2. Lead the Department through effective teaching, professional vision and knowledge

3. Plan with colleagues for the development of the Department and to write the Development Plan within the

framework of the Academy’s Development Plan

4. Ensure that the aims of Music Schemes of Learning and the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be imparted to

students through the Department, are in keeping with the general aims of the Academy

5. Maintain and develop schemes of learning, within the framework of the National Curriculum and the

requirements of examination boards, working collaboratively with the whole team. The scheme of work should be

reviewed annually and revised copies given

6. Play an active part in supporting members of the Department in maintaining sound discipline, within the

Academy’s agreed procedures

7. Monitor the quality of teaching and learning within the Department

8. Oversee assessment of students, including reports to parents, internal records, and records of achievement,

internal examinations, and external examinations; to give advice to students and parents

9. Keep abreast of curriculum developments affecting the department and be prepared to discuss matters affecting 0

curriculum as a whole.

The Head of Music will be required to:

1. Enable members of the team to receive appropriate staff development

2. Act as Performance / Review Manager

3. Induct NQTs as required and support the training of student teachers when they have been accepted into the

department and support colleagues new to the Academy

4. Run appropriate meetings for the team, ensuring the provision of agendas and minutes

5. Support effective communication by forwarding minutes and conclusions of meetings and any other

documentation or memos to the relevant members of the Department and to Senior Management Finance

6. Control the Department’s annual budget, to monitor expenditure and keep an inventory of equipment, textbooks

and other resources

7. Oversee the provision and maintenance of effective resources for learning - textbooks, student’s materials,

equipment, rooms. Academy specialisms

8. To demonstrate a commitment to the specialisms of the Academy

9. Manage all activities relating to the academy’s Music specialism.

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