Full Stack Developer


4-8 YrsCoimbatore

Full TimeFullStack Developer

Job Description


Lead the execution and delivery of large, complex projects from beginning to end, independently or collaboratively.
Seamlessly integrate with Generative AI models and ensure smooth data flow.
Ensure the timely delivery of all project deliverables.
Act as a key participant in technical discussions within the team, serving as the go-to person for guidance and issue resolution.
Understand and leverage key business and engineering metrics related to performance, quality, and availability, working with the team to continuously enhance them.
Proactively engage in code reviews, architecture discussions, and the establishment of coding standards and best practices.
Mentor junior engineers, providing guidance on coding, code reviews, and overall professional development.


4 to 8 years of extensive experience in end-to-end software product development.
Strong problem-solving skills and tech savvy.
Proficient in Requirement/Design/Code Review & Inspections practices.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Solid understanding of enterprise-scale technologies and the development of large-scale services.
Ability to evaluate architectural options (complexity, performance, high-availability, scalability, durability) and make appropriate recommendations for implementation.
Passion for constantly exploring the latest technologies relevant to our products and platforms.
Ability to engage with potential leads and customers to conduct demonstrations and troubleshoot any technical challenges in the product.

Preferred tech stack expertise:

Backend: Python, Django, flask, node js,
REST Frameworks: Fast API
Frontend: Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery
CI/CD: GitHub Actions, Jenkins
AI – Gemini, Open AI, Claude, RAG
DevOps exposure
Containers-centric development environment – Docker
Proficient in working with any one of cloud: AWS/GCP/Azure

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